faq_bullet What system requirement I need, in order to browse rthk.hk in best quality?

rthk.hk is best viewed with Chrome. If you are using other browser, such as Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari, please make sure the browser is in up-to-date version, with the latest Flash Player installed.

Please go to Flash Player offical website to check whether you have installed the plug-in.

faq_bullet How do I listen or watch the radio and TV live webcasting?

- Radio live:

Click "Live" on top menu bar. Then on your favorite radio channel, click Radio Live. You will enjoy radio live instantly.

Radio Live


- TV live:

Click "Live" on top menu bar. Then on your favorite TV channel, click TV Live. You will go to Live Webcast page and can enjoy TV live instantly.

TV Live

TV Live


*Minimum System requirement: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome / Safari together with the latest version of Flash Player.

faq_bullet When I using Internet Explorer, the video player is disappeared.

You may have selected "compatibility view" in IE, therefore the player is disappeared.



Please make sure the "compatibility view" is not choosing, the player will play properly.

faq_bullet When I using Internet Explorer, the programme cannot play properly with error message: " Error loading player…" appeared.

Please try to modify the browser setting as follow:


1. Please select "Internet Options" inside your browser:


2. Inside "Internet Options", please choose "Security" tab, press "Reset all zones to default level" button.


3. Please press "Apply" and "OK".


4. After re-load the browser, the problem should be solved.

faq_bullet Why I cannot adjust the volume level of the radio programmes?

Your RTHK player maybe not display in 100% view, therefore volume adjust function could not be run properly. You can hold [Ctrl] and scale your RTHK player's pop-up window by pressing [-] / [+] to100%, the volume level adjust bar should be work properly.


* When RTHK player not 100% view, volume adjustment bar is disappeared.


* In 100% view, the volume control bar runs properly.

faq_bullet Any shortcuts for RTHK player?

Yes. You can use following shortcuts to control the RTHK player.


Press 1: Backward 10 seconds

Press 2: Forward 10 seconds

Press 4: Backward 30 seconds

Press 5: Forward 30 seconds

Press 7: Backward 1 minute

Press 8: Forward 1 minute

Press 3: Stop/Play

Press -: Decrease volume

Press +: Increase volume


Also, the accessible version media player provides the following shortcuts for those in need.


Press 6: Show total duration

Press 9: Show current time

Press . : Adjust Playback Position

faq_bullet When using Android mobile or tablet to hear RTHK Live in "desktop" version, no response when clickingMP3button.

If Android user would like to hear RTHK Live in "desktop" version, you can try to install the following freeware:

MX Player

Remarks: For Android user, the best way to hear RTHK Live is download "RTHK On the Go"(application) or listen via mobile version.

faq_bullet When I am listening to live broadcast, why the player will sometimes get buffered or unsmooth or even go offline?

There are a number of possible reasons, such as:


a. Internet connection is instable or inadequate in speed;


b. User’s computer is in progress of automatic data-downloads (such as Windows Automatic Updates, auto-upgrade of anti-virus mechanism);


c. User’s computer is running a programme or webpage that requires bandwidth to a large degree. For example, simultaneously download files or videos from online websites, etc.


According to actual needs, you may turn off individual program / web page and try again later. You can even enquire about the network issues from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

How to listen live broadcast by using internet radio devices?