Tibet to receive major investment


China will invest 138.4 billion yuan by 2016 in a series of infrastructure projects in Tibet.

Xinhua news agency said the plans include 226 major construction projects in the remote Himalayan region with a total investment of 330.5 billion yuan, the report said, citing a statement from a meeting of the State Council, which approved the plan.

The projects will cover construction of facilities for the region's public services, as well as infrastructure such as railways, highways, airports and hydropower plants, Xinhua said. It added the investment will also be used to promote local industry.

The plan comes amid Vice-President Xi Jinping's visit to Tibet to mark 60 years since the region's "peaceful liberation". On Tuesday, Mr Xi, who is widely expected to become president in 2013, vowed to crack down on separatist forces he said were led by the Dalai Lama, suggesting that China's heir apparent to the presidency will not ease Beijing's hardline stance towards the region.

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