Police chief defends security measures


audio Police Commissioner Andy Tsang. (interpreter)
Police Commissioner Andy Tsang arrives for Legco meeting. Photo: RTHK.
The Police Commissioner, Andy Tsang, has defended policing during the recent visit to Hong Kong by vice-premier Li Keqiang. He told a special meeting of the Legislative Council's security panel that the actions taken by the police were legally sound.

Mr Tsang also rejected allegations that the police had detained three student protestors during the vice-premier's visit to the University of Hong Kong. Alumni and students of the university have condemned the police action, saying the detentions were illegal.

Mr Tsang said police officers were merely "assisting" university security guards to handle student protestors.

He also defended the use of "core security zones" in several locations, saying the term was not slang or jargon. He said it was understood by police.

However, a pan-democrat legislator, Lee Cheuk-yan, accused Mr Tsang of defending the indefensible.

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