Rowdy protest over mainland tourists


Protestors call for a limit on the number of mainland tourists allowed in.
A pro-Beijing group sets up a stall to welcome mainland tourists. Photos: RTHK
Hundreds of local activists staged a protest march through Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui on Sunday, accosting mainland tourists, and demanding the government limit the number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong.

There were heated exchanges between the protesters, and members of a pro-Beijing group, the Voice of Loving Hong Kong, and the police were forced to intervene several times.

A minor scuffle also broke out between the protestors and a mainland tourist.

The group continued to chant slogans as they marched to the shopping area of Canton Road. Some members of the group pointed fingers and shouted at mainland visitors, leading some of the tourists to retreat into nearby shops.

A spokesman for the protestors, Ronald Leung, said they weren't discriminating against mainland tourists, but simply want the government to cap the numbers coming here.

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