'Crucial moment' for hunger striking students


Joshua Wong, Scholarism leader. Photos: Tony Flores
Joshua Wong is examined by medics.
A doctor monitoring the health of hunger-striking students from Scholarism says the three who launched the protest are going through a difficult time. The student group's convenor, Joshua Wong, and two others started fasting on Monday night to press the government to restart talks with student democracy protesters and to reboot the political reform process.

The head of the Occupy Central medical team, Dr Au Yiu-Kai, is looking after them. He told RTHK their blood-sugar levels were low, and some of them have been vomiting.

"Their pulse rate is a bit higher than 100 per minute. We advised them to take more water and more rest," Dr Au said, adding that their conditions had improved a bit afterwards.

"Usually the crucial moment is the second or third day."

After that Dr Au said there body's metabolism would adjust "to burn their fat" and they would start to feel better.

Two more students joined the hunger strike on Wednesday night.

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