'Students will maintain peace during clearance'


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videoJoshua Wong says that his group, Scholarism, will not use violence during the clearance of the Admiralty protest site
audio Joshua Wong
Joshua Wong has called on the government to respond to the students' call for reform talks. Photo: Reuters
The leader of the student activist group Scholarism, Joshua Wong, said his group will maintain the principle of peace and non-violence during the clearance of the Admiralty protest site.

Court bailiffs are expected to execute a court order to clear part of the site this week.

Mr Wong said if the police move in on protesters, they'll call on all secondary student and elderly protesters to retreat.

Meanwhile, two members of student activist group Scholarism continued their hunger strike on Monday.

Gloria Cheng and Ng Man-him have already fasted for almost 110 hours.

They once again urged the government to respond to students' demands for a dialogue on political reform, saying that is is important to reboot the constitutional reform process to address the current political impasse.

But a commentary in a mainland tabloid, the Global Times, criticised the students for launching a "cheap" protest campaign, saying that their actions are naive and deviate the most from the mainstream community's wish for a stable society.

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