Police to clear whole Admiralty protest site


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videoCheung Tak-keung, Police Assistant Commissioner for Operations
Assistant Commissioner Cheung Tak-keung. Photo: RTHK
Student leaders Joshua Wong (L) and Alex Chow. Photo: RTHK
The police say they plan to clear the entire Occupy protest site in Admiralty tomorrow, even though a court injunction only relates to certain stretches of road.

The bus company that's been granted the order, All China Express, said bailiffs would move in at 9am.

The injunction covers part of Connaught Road Central outside City Hall, Harcourt Road off the headquarters of the People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison, as well as a section of Cotton Tree Drive linking Harcourt Road and Queensway.

An assistant commissioner of police, Cheung Tak-keung, said after assisting the bailiffs in executing the court order, the force would then focus on other areas of the protest site, removing obstacles from the roads and pavements.

Assistant Commissioner Cheung said anyone who attempted to obstruct the bailiffs would be arrested for criminal contempt of court.

He added that protesters would have no time to remove their belongings tomorrow morning so they should begin doing so now.

He urged people to avoid the Admiralty area tomorrow unless absolutely necessary.

But the leader of the Federation of Students, Alex Chow, called on protesters to return to Admiralty, to show they were willing to accept the legal consequences of taking part in the civil disobedience campaign.

He said the public would also be able to see that it wasn't the protesters who had been causing chaos.

Meanwhile, Joshua Wong, the convenor of the student activist group Scholarism, reiterated that protesters would be urged to remain peaceful when the Occupy site is cleared.

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